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Falls Assesment
Your medical professionals have risk assesments they do. However you can do a quick one yourself. The following information is from the "Stand Up and Be Strong" brochure from the Minnesota Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association. Click here for the complete brochure.
Are you at risk of falling?
1. Have you fallen in the past year?
2. Are you afraid that you might fall?
3. Do you frequently need to use your arms to rise from chairs?

* Answering YES to any of these questions indicates that you may be at risk for falling. If you are at risk, or you are concerned about taking the sit to stand physical test, proceed directly to the action steps to reduce your risk.

Sit to Stand Test
For this test you will need:
A straight-backed chair
A stopwatch or clock with a second hand
What to do:
Sit in the middle of the chair with your feet flat on the floor and your arms folded across your chest.
Time yourself or have someone else time you doing the following:
Rise to a full stand and return to a complete sitting position. Repeat as many times as you are able in 30 seconds. If you are on your way up when time is up, count that as one.
* Taken from the "Stand Up and Be Strong" brochure. Click here for the link.

Falls Risk
8 or less times = High Risk
9 to 12 times = Moderate Risk
13 or more times = Low Risk

Based upon Your Risk Level, Take the Following Steps to Reduce Your Risk of Falling
High Risk:
Consult your doctor or physical therapist for advice & instruction to improve your strength. Do the exercises in the brochure only if you feel safe doing them on your own.
Moderate Risk:
Do the exercises in the brochure. Seek assistance from your doctor or physical therapist if you have difficulty doing the exercises on your own.
Low Risk:
Do the exercises in the brochure to keep your risk low!